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Are You a California Business Owner Interested in Mobile Marketing – Text Message Marketing, SMS Marketing, Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites? Check Out Our Free Video Course on Mobile Marketing Options for Your  Restaurant, Bar, Nightclub, Salon, Sap, Church or Retail Store

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Mobile Marketing is an effective new medium of advertising that works for a wide-range of businesses. Just like radio, print or online advertising, Mobile Marketing can work for Restaurants, Retail Stores, Bars, Nightclubs,  Salons, Spas, or Churches. There are endless ways Text Message Marketing, SMS Marketing, Mobile Apps, and Mobile Websites can help your California business.

Our course can show you the best ways to create mobile marketing plans for your business, from SMS Marketing for Bars, to Text Message Marketing for Restaurants. Text Message Marketing for Bars and other social business has been proven to be very effective. The same is true for mobile marketing campaigns for churches, and for similar reasons. People looking for these places want information on what they can do there.

Don’t Point Customers in a Competitor’s Direction. Let Our Free Course Show You How to Use Mobile Marketing to Attract People to Your Business

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How are California Businesses Using Mobile Marketing to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Profits?

  • Mobile Marketing for Restaurants
  • Track delivery orders with a mobile app
  • Take reservations by mobile website
  • Distribute new specials and coupons by text
  •  Mobile Marketing for Bars & Nightclubs
  • Announce specials and contests by text
  • Publish your drink list by mobile website
  • Use a mobile app to help patrons connect to cab companies (and get referral fees in the process)
  • Mobile Marketing for Retail Stores
  • Allow customers to check stock over a mobile website
  • Push new merchandise and specials by text
  • Use customizable apps to help customers select the right products
  • Mobile Marketing for Salons & Spas
  • Set appointments over mobile apps
  • Share specials, service list and pricing over a mobile website
  • Remind clients of appointments by text message
  • Mobile Marketing for Churches
  • Inform members of special clubs, and services via mobile website
  • Encourage participation by hosting bible clubs, and youth study over mobile apps
  • Create community by sending out prayer lists, and announcements by text message

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Mobile Marketing Training Course California

“I wasn’t sure how mobile marketing for spas would really help my flourishing business, but after watching your video series I still gave it a try. I’m so glad that I did. SMS marketing has saved so much time and money just by reminding people they have appointments.”
Julia R. -Ceres, CA

“I can’t speak for other businesses, but text message marketing for bars works great. Since we started sending out our weekly specials by text, we’ve seen a huge increase in traffic. People forget when you’re offering drinks two-for-one, and all that. A quick reminder that they’ve signed up for gets them in the door.”
Brad F. -Highland, CA

“We don’t have a huge advertising budget, but we do invest in mobile marketing because it gets results. Our SMS message marketing for our restaurant went over really well. Families love to know when we’re having Kid Night, or the cut-off date for our newest specials. Watching your video helped me know what to look for in a designer, and I found one who knows what California customers are looking for.”
Caroline G. -Moreno Valley, CA


Give Your Customers More of What They Want When They Want it With Our Free Three-Part Course on Mobile Marketing for California Businesses. Get a Leg up on Competition With a Text Message, Mobile App or Mobile Website Campaign Today.

Mobile Marketing opens the door to new sales, customers and stronger client relationships. Whether you’re looking at Text Message Marketing, SMS Marketing, Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites, there’s a campaign that will work well for your California business.

Our course can give you ideas for Mobile Marketing for Restaurants, Mobile Marketing for Retail Stores, Mobile Marketing for Bars, Mobile Marketing for Nightclubs, Mobile Marketing for Salons, Mobile Marketing for Spas, even Mobile Marketing for Churches. We know what works well for different business styles. Where SMS Marketing for Bars is more successful than mobile websites might be, Text Message Marketing for Restaurants might not work as well as mobile website applications. Learn how to invest your mobile marketing budget as part of our free course, available now.